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The Island of Chios
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Chios belongs to the islands of the Northeastern Aegean and is the 5th largest island of Greece. The Mastic Island is an unexplored paradise where the natural beauty, residents, culture, history and gastronomy enchant its visitors. We hope our description of Chios from our eyes sparks an interest to visit this marvelous place.

Chios has 64 picturesque villages, all of which have varying architecture from the North to the South. Starting from the northern villages, first stop is Volissos with a majestic castle overlooking the village and Agio Galas with its stunning cave and church of the Virgin Mary. Included on the list of remarkable villages is Pitios with its medieval tower, Kipouries with its large stone square and cool spring, and Kardamila with a nautical history that still lives on today. Some attractions in central Chios include the stone-built villages of Thimiana and Neochori, and then the villages of Lithi and Avgonima with an incredible sunset view, untraversed Anavatos and fragrant Kampos with its villas, orchards and citrus. Near the city center is Daskalopetra (Homer’s rock), the city of Vrontados where the well-known “Rocket War” takes place on Holy Saturday, and of course the city of Chios with its medieval castle and the Korais Library. Moving on to the southern villages of Chios where the famous mastic is produced, we must mention the stone-built castle-villages of Mesta and Olympoi and the village of Pyrgi with its black and white decorative motif “xysta”.

Also worth mentioning is the only place in Chios that has similar architecture of that in the Cyclades (white buildings with blue doors and windows) is the beachfront village of Agia Fotini or Agia Fotia.
Chios has over 90 beaches—cosmopolitan or desert, sandy or stone, organized or not— all known for their crystal clear water and beautiful depths. The vast majority of Chios’s beaches are easily accessible by vehicles, however, there are a few where you can explore and experience their beauty on foot, leaving your vehicle just a few meters behind. Some well loved stone beaches are Agia Fotini, the steep beach of Vroulidia, the bay of Avlonia, graphic Nagos, the popularly photographed Agios Isidoros and the unique volcano rock beaches of Mavra Bolia. A little more isolated are the beaches of Elinda, Karinda and Didima. On the list of popular sandy beaches are Karfas, Komi, Glaroi and Lefkathia. Those who love sandy beaches cannot miss the blue-green water of Agia Dynami and the incredible colors of the sun as it sets in the Aegean Sea on the beaches of Managro and Agia Markella. You are sure to find a beach that will steal your heart.

Chios is an island where there are different types of tourism—athletic, sea, religious, cultural. The main athletic events organized on the island are the open water swimming event to Agio Stefano, the half marathon and brevet of Chios.
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There are also hiking trails for experienced and beginner mountain lovers and walking trails all over Chios, the most interesting around the centenarian trees of the island. For the sea lovers there are sailing excursions to the beaches of the island not accessible by land, but also to the islands of Oinousses and Psara just off the coast of Chios. Religious tourism on the island is characterized by several special places of magnificence — Nea Moni, Agia Markella, Agios Isidoros, Agios Minas, Panagia Krina, the Old Archangel Church of Mesta “Palios Taxiarchis”, and Agioi Apostoloi of Pyrgi. Some other attractions worth visiting during your stay include the windmills of Chios, the Chios Mastic Museum, the Citrus Museum, the Folcloric Museum of Kallimasia, the caves of Olympoi and Agio Gala. And for your gastronomic travels on the island you won’t regret visiting the beachside villages of Katarraktis, Lithi, Lagada and Pantoukios where local cuisine meets the natural beauty of our island.

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